Who We Are

Heart-Based Connections Between Humans and Horses


Our vision is to create a space for people to connect with horses. Being around horses opens people’s hearts and allows them to connect to their true self. Actively interacting with horses gives people the opportunity to learn more about themselves and to tap into their true potential.

Marina Parris

I have always had a special connection to animals. The one month I spent helping out on a farm with riding for the disabled was a turning point in my life. After that I left the corporate world to explore the connection between humans and horses. Since 2007 I have been coaching individuals and groups/teams with horses.

Sandra Padrutt

Thanks to my grandparents I spent most of my youth at the riding stables. Their passion for horses strongly influenced my passion for horses, a passion that is with me every day to this day. I continue to be very fascinated by the nature of every horse that I encounter and by what a horse and a human can achieve together.