Our Vision

A Place to Reconnect with your True Self

We Share the Same Ideas

We meet many people along the way, some are with us for short periods of time and others turn into friendships that last over the years. I met Sandra back in 2006 when I had gotten my first horse and we were at the same stables. We quickly realized we shared the same ideas on how to be and work with horses in a way that both rider and horse enjoyed the time together. Although we did not have much contact over the years, our paths crossed again in 2016 and again in 2019. Both times I had brought my horses to her horse place in France for the summer to enjoy the large open spaces and live like a horse again.

Horses grazing in sunset

Realizing a Dream

Sandra had moved to France in 2014 to realize her dream of living with her horses while pursuing her passion as a professional endurance rider. Here Sandra could breed and train her own endurance horses and care for other people’s horses. Most of the horses on the property are enjoying their retirement. About 30 horses are enjoying a natural life in open spaces all year-round on the 36-hectar property with lots of trees and a covered place to protect them from the elements.

A Retreat Center

In 2019 I stayed at her place for a month with my horses. We talked a lot and I told her about my dream to have a retreat center, where people could come and reconnect with themselves through being in nature and interacting with horses. As life goes it turned out that Sandra was looking for a partner to draw a new client base to the farm.

Lady with brown horse

Aureus Equus

Needless to say, the decision to work together was made the same day. It did not take long until Sandra and I came up with a name for our collaborative project: Aureus Equus. Aureus means gold in Latin and is in honor of Goldy, Sandra’s 35-year old Arabian palomino horse. Equus means horse in Latin. “Horse wisdom for the human heart” comes from our belief that we can learn a lot about ourselves and tap into our true potential from being around and interacting with horses.