Sandra Padrutt

Endurance Riding Changed our Lives


I loved animals from the very beginning of my life and started riding when I was 8 years old. From that day on I never lost the connection to horses. In 1993, I got my first own horse, an 8-year old Arabian mix named Goldprinz. He was full of energy, way too much energy for my riding skills at that time. I quickly realized that I had to go another way. The following two years I worked hard on myself, learnt how to lead him with patience and to give him comfort and trust. It was a hard time with many setbacks, I was struggling and had sleepless nights. During this time it was more or less the work of Linda Tellington-Jones that helped us move forward together. I attended different courses and she worked with Goldy and I. At this time Linda was a passionate endurance rider and was sure that Goldy could be happy in endurance. During our talks I became fascinated and took the chance to go into endurance riding. Our lives changed completely. My lovely boy Goldy found his passion and became a very different horse. Linda continues to be an inspiration for me.

Sandra Bechter and horse Goldy
Sandra Bechter and Sharimo


Within the last 20 years, seven more horses came into my life. I love each one of them so much. I enjoy every day with my horses and I’m so happy to have them all together. One of these horses is Sharimo. He is a genius, but also really crazy. Sharimo needs space, a lot of free space, a lot of liberty and also a lot of compromises. He is my greatest teacher to this day.

New Home in France

Sharimo and I shared the same dream, a big property with huge pastures where horses can just be horses. In 2014 our dream came true. We found our new home in France, up on a hill with an absolutely great view, no big roads, and lot of forest around us ( Meanwhile 32 horses live here and enjoy their freedom every day. Sometimes I cannot believe that life has given me this wonderful opportunity.

Lady with horse