Personal Development

To be me, is to be free!

Personal Development

Come and spend time with horses. Discover horses as valuable teachers and integrate their wisdom into your life.

Here is an overview of the retreats, workshops and seminars we offer, so that you may reconnect with your true self again.

The focus is on the internal communication, self-respect, self-confidence and personal leadership.

No prior horse experience necessary.
All interactions with the horse are from the ground, no riding.

Individual Retreats

You have the opportunity to work with horses during 1:1 sessions to gain new perspectives on any current challenge you are facing.

Group Workshops

You learn to open your heart, access your personal wisdom and step into your true power to live a more fulfilling life.

Coaching Package

You take the steps to live more of your own and less of someone else’s life in order to experience more joy in life (5 weekends/year).

Corporate Seminars

You discover what true leadership is about. You learn how to lead and influence people in a positive and productive manner.


These webinars cover 4 topics – communication, self-respect, self-confidence and personal leadership. They provide the foundation for these topics and include examples of people interacting with horses.