Marina Parris

My Friends and Teachers

People and Horses

I have always loved animals and grew up with a dog, rabbits and later two parakeets in southern California. However, my university studies in international business took me in another direction for quite some years and in 1993 I moved to Switzerland. It was a few years later that I recognized the potential of having humans interact with horses when I worked with handicapped kids and horses. When I lost my job in 2001 due to a company re-structuring, it was then that I decided to focus on working with people and horses. Thus I spent the next three years on large ranches in France and the U.S. (Colorado, Nevada, Montana) learning about horses – how they think, act and behave. I brought a beautiful black Quarter Horse called Hummer from Montana to Switzerland.

Marina in Montana with horse
Marina with wild horses

Special Connection

Once back I became certified as horse behaviour therapist, completed a certification in solution-based coaching and later studied with Linda Kohanov in the U.S., a pioneer in equine-facilitated learning and best-selling author, to become a certified EponaQuest Instructor. Twice I took the opportunity to spend time observing wild horses in Bosnia-Hercogovina, an experience that touched me in many ways. The purpose of establishing my own company “Pferd als Partner GmbH” ( was to show people the many gifts horses have for us when we are open to learning from and with them in an atmosphere of mutual trust and respect. This guiding principle is the foundation of my work with people during coaching sessions, personal development workshops, intuitive riding lessons and for the leaderships and teambuilding workshop for companies ( I continue to attend workshops from Linda and also learn from Gregg Braden, Eckart Tolle, and Dr. Joe Dispenza through their books, videos and online classes.

Riverdance and Hummer

I am very grateful to have two beautiful horses – Riverdance and Hummer – in my life and for everything that I have learnt from them. We have come a long way together and I look forward to many more inspiring, touching and wonderful times together. (Photo: Katja Stuppia)

Two horses in winter