Individual Retreats

Change Limiting Beliefs and Behaviors

Discover and Explore

You have the opportunity to work with horses during 1:1 sessions to gain new perspectives on any current challenges you are facing. Or maybe you are just curious to come out and discover and explore what you can learn about yourself by interacting with horses. Suggested stay is three days.

Lady with horses

New Perspectives

Learning with horses can open many doors. Interacting with them will help you become aware of and change limiting beliefs and behaviors that may be preventing you from successfully overcoming a given challenge or situation. Horses have an uncanny way of helping you identify underlying issues.

Your True Self

As masters of nonverbal communication, horses show you how valuable it is to recognize the “other 90%”, i.e., our feelings, emotions, heart, intuition, physical sensations, etc. as a valuable source of information and integrate it into your daily life. Horses are drawn to and respond well to people who are authentic and willing to show their true self.

Time to Reflect

Your individual retreat includes a daily half-day individually tailored coaching session. Afterwards, you have time to reflect upon the new insights, spend time in nature or explore the quaint nearby villages.

Dates and Pricing


Mid-January to November


CHF 450/day,
incl. 3 hours of coaching plus onsite B&B accommodation


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“The encounters with the horses had a quality that was new and beautiful for me. It moved and touched me deeply inside and - so I felt - laid the foundation for a new quality of relationship with myself and with the people in my life.”