Welcome to Aureus Equus

Horse Wisdom for the Human Heart

A Place to Relax

Amidst rolling hills and beautiful large forested area lies Aureus Equus. A place to relax, wind down and experience the surrounding beauty – green countryside as far as the eye can see, horses grazing in the pasture or enjoying a siesta under the trees, meadows filled with butterflies and bees flying from flower to flower.

Essential Qualities

From personal experience of observing and interacting with horses for over 15 years, we know of the great potential horses have to help people re-discover and tap into essential qualities that get easily overlooked in the hustle and bustle of everyday life.

Horse-Human Bond

The impact of this transformational work with horses in the areas of heart coherence, heart rate variability, electromagnetic fields and the horse-human bond and is now also being backed up by science.

Our Offer

Within this setting we offer a selection of activities with horses for the body, mind and soul.

We invite you to come and open your heart, so you can tap into the wisdom of the horses. Whether you simply want to explore new ways of learning, are dealing with a personal challenge or would like to reconnect with yourself, interacting with horses will have a profound and transformative impact on your life. 
Horses help us access the subconscious beliefs and behaviors that are driving our behavior and determining the quality of our life. With this awareness we are able to make new and empowering choices that will lead to a more satisfying and fulfilling life.
We offer individual retreats, group workshops, annual coaching packages and company seminars.

Kids love horses and horses love kids! How about a somewhat different family vacation? Here you have the chance to step in and explore the world of horses with your kids. You can also take individual coaching sessions with a horse to fine tune your parenting skills. Spend your next family vacation in nature learning with our horses.

Enjoy quality time and deepen the connection with your horse. We also offer guided trail rides (private and group) through beautiful countryside on forested and grass trails. If you are currently experiencing some challenges with your horse, we work together with you and your horse to help resolve the situation.

Opening celebration on August 1, 2020 (reservation necessary)